The Sphinx Lakes

The Link-Map Page of the Sphinx Lake Area

The above is a link to a page that displays a map with "picture-page" locations. All you have to do is click on the numbered locations on the map and jump to that picture and text, one of the same pages you would get sequentially when you press "Next" below. Be warned the map is the largest image in Sierra Trails, and takes a little longer to load than other pages, particularly if you have a slow connection/computer. Try it! The coolness factor is very high.

Warning: Sierra Trails looks best using Netscape maximized, 640 by 480 resolution minimum, (800x600 best) with your display set for 16 bit color or better! These pages should have a border around the pictures and the buttons at the bottom should be separated and centered. If that is not the case then you are probably using one of those "other" browses, probably an older version to boot.