Kern-Kaweah and Kaweah Basins


The Sugarloaf Valley floor near the Sugarloaf, and this is typical of the growth on the valley floor.

Sugarloaf Meadow

Kern-Kaweah and Kaweah Basins via Colby Pass, September, 2000.

The trails converge there as well, and finally I was back on a trail I had not seen for years. I can't say I remember anything about it from my previous visit at that junction, but as I got closer to the Sugraloaf Valley floor, I did begin to remember some things, probably because I had a picture or two to jog my memory. Once passed the drift gate (something I do remember from the past visit!) and on the valley floor we stopped for a minute for a snack and a look at the map.


Sugarloaf Meadow watched over by The Sugarloaf.

I did not want to blow by the Sugarloaf camp and I wanted to scope out the next camps. After a pow-wow we decided to head over to the next camp and make our decision whether to push on or not. Dave headed out for the camp while I futzed with my pack. As it turned out, the turnoff to the Sugarloaf Meadow was just a few yards down the trail, and once again I marveled at how I completely forgot exactly how the area and junction looked. Perhaps it was more overgrown now.

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