Woods Creek and Lakes

Woods Creek and Lakes

The magic of treeline country in the alpinglow of sunset. This is looking southeast towards point 3764m (on the right horizon) from near camp. This is why we come to the high country. But it gets even better!

Evening in Woods Lake Basin

Woods Creek and Lakes, SEKI, Spring 2005

First I went to the east end of the largest Woods Lakes to follow some of the streams and visit the largish pond there. Nothing worth a picture, except to say with my new digital camera (which I did not have then) I would have shot everything in sight. Dave went to see the small lakes above and north of the largest Woods Lake.

Woods Creek and Lakes

Once again, a look at Mt. Baxter in the evening alpinglow.

After a very pleasant stroll along the shore of the largest Woods Lake (campsites), I made it back to camp, then headed out towards the west to the middle part of the basin. The terrain is much more complex than the map would indicate, but very easy to navigate. The biggest chore was avoiding some of the larger streams and the scattered ponds. I should have taken pictures of the trio of lakes in the south-west corner.

Woods Creek and Lakes

Sunset streaks the sky over the second Woods Lake. Camp was down in the trees below. Note the glacier polish shining on the rock. Glacier erratics were everywhere. The trail is across the lake on the right.

As the sun set, we were treated to a great golden alpine glow. West facing basins are always fun to visit because they are situated best to catch the last dregs of golden sunlight. Still the best was yet to come.

Soon enough, the sun set behind the Pyramid Peak/Crater Mountain range, cutting off the glowing sunlight. We sat out as long as possible to see the stars before turning in. A pack of howling coyotes kept us company. I had no trouble sleeping that night.

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